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$19 Million To Boost Health Across The Pacific

How it works:

Funding has been allocated as such:

  • $13 million for tuberculosis (TB), of which $5 million will be for intensive TB detection and treatment, and $8 million for research into anti-microbial resistance and drug-resistant TB.
  • $3 million to place an infection, prevention and control adviser in Tuvalu, Kiribati and Fiji.
  • $1 million to expand efforts to reduce childhood obesity in the Pacific.
  • $1.065 million over three years to develop tobacco control laws and policy in the Pacific.
  • $1 million over four years to provide Pacific island countries with access to Australia’s pharmaceutical quality assurance systems.

Why it matters:

The funding complements Australia’s annual funding contributions to the Pacific Community’s Public Health Division, which provides advice and support to Pacific countries on clinical services, disease prevention and control, and stronger regional health governance and policy.

Ask the Minister:

Greg Hunt, Minister for Health:

“Through these important initiatives, the Australian Government is building on its commitment to step up engagement with the Pacific and improve the health of populations across the region.”

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