[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cochlear is a global leader in implantable hearing devices and has completed the final phase of redevelopment at its Newstead site.

“Cochlear has transformed the lives more than 475,000 people across 100 countries and now they will continue their great work with Queensland-built technology,” Mr Dick said.

Cochlear’s Newstead base currently employs 200 people with more to follow, plus ongoing training and upskilling for staff currently employed.

“This investment has enabled Cochlear to re-direct more than $20 million of work from overseas to Queensland, so not only is our state supporting people experiencing hearing loss but additional staff will be recruited as the facility ramps up,” Mr Dick said.

“More than 27,000 Queenslanders have severe to profound hearing loss, more than 2100 have a Cochlear implant, and we hope to see many more Queenslanders benefitting from this incredible innovation now happening right here in our state.”

Mr Dick said Cochlear is the perfect example of Australian-headquartered, globally competitive exporters choosing Queensland to base their manufacturing operations.

“This is an important step for the development of advanced manufacturing capabilities in our state, with our growing manufacturing sector already employing 170,000 Queenslanders and consistently contributing nearly $20 billion a year to Queensland’s economy,” he said.

“This is what our government is focused on creating: the high-tech, high-paid jobs of the future for Queenslanders manufacturing products that create high-value exports for our economy.

“We want manufacturing businesses in Queensland to set their sights on delivering not only for domestic markets, but also for global markets, and Cochlear is one company grasping that vision with both hands through their Newstead operations.”

Member for McConnel Grace Grace said: “It’s a great source of pride for me knowing that thousands of people the world over are benefitting from the gift of sound thanks to a fantastic Australian-headquartered company producing these innovative products right here in my community.

“I can’t wait to see what this business achieves next from its Brisbane base.”

Cochlear has invested more than $15 million in capital, plant, equipment and labour to enable the Newstead facility to manufacture the latest electronic components used in their implants.

This is in addition to products and components used in the external parts of the cochlear implant system like sound processors.

In 2017-18, the facility manufactured 1.2 million parts and 550,000 finished products for global export.

Over 475,000 people of all ages across more than 100 countries now hear because of Cochlear.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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