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National Plan For Better Pain Management

The list:

The plan has listed eight key goals for a better outcome.

  1. People living with pain are recognised as a national and public health priority
  2. Consumers, their carers and the wider community are more empowered knowledgeable and supported to understand and manage pain
  3. Health practitioners are well-informed andskilled on best practice evidence-based care and are supported to deliver this care
  4. People living with pain have timely access to consumer-centred best practice pain management including self-management, early intervention strategies and interdisciplinary care and support
  5. Outcomes in pain management are improved and evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure consumer-centred pain services are provided that are best practice and keep pace with innovation
  6. Knowledge of pain flourishes and is communicated to health practitioners and consumers through a national research strategy
  7. Chronic pain is minimised through prevention and early intervention strategies
  8. People living with pain are supported to participate in work and community

Facts and figures:

The number of Australians living with chronic pain is set to rise from 3.24 million to 5.23 million by 2050.

Last year alone, Australians paid $2.7 billion in out of pocket expenses to manage their pain.

As a nation, the annual cost will rise from $139.3 billion to an estimated $215.6 billion by 2050.

Ask the expert:

Painaustralia CEO, Carol Bennett

“The Australian Government and Minister Greg Hunt funded and supported the development of the first-ever National Strategic Action Plan for Pain Management (NSAPPM) in May 2018. The year of exhaustive consultation and development that followed have now culminated with the final release of the NSAPPM that sets out the key priority actions to improve access to, and knowledge of best practice pain management, in the next three years,”

The details:

The full report can be found at www.painaustralia.org.au/static/uploads/files/national-action-plan-11-06-2019-wfflaefbxbdy.pdf

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