Non-Caloric Stevia Leaf Sweetener Recognised as Generally Considered Safe For Consumption

How it works:

BESTEVIA Reb E, SweeGen’s is a non-caloric, high-purity stevia sweetener, produced from the stevia leaf through a non-GMO bioconversion process.

Why it matters

Commercialised at the end of 2018 the sweetener was specifically created for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

With its low cost and zero caloric value, the sweetener is hoped to be used in the health industry to assist Australia’s current obesity and diabetes epidemic.

Ask the expert:

Katharina Pueller,  Director of SweeGen

“BESTEVIA e+ shows great success in reducing sugar and artificial sweeteners in many applications, such as beverage, dairy, sports nutrition, condiments and bakeries.”

“BESTEVIA e+ provides a clean, sugar-like taste at a price equivalent to sugar.”

The Details:

SweeGen, a California-based sweetener company, seeks to develop and produce non-caloric and non-GMO sweeteners for the food, flavour and beverage industries.

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