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Stryker Strikes Again: Awarded Australia’s Best Place to Work 2019

Stryker has achieved and maintained Australia’s best workplace title by connecting people, culture, work and growth. The company is dedicated to an employee’s journey, focusing on how to understand and treat all candidates and employees as individuals.

Stryker’s focus on treating employees as individuals has consistently remained a key priority and helped enabled successful growth. In the past five years, Stryker’s employee headcount has doubled in Australia and New Zealand.

Instead of following a traditional competency-based development approach, Stryker takes a strengths-based philosophy to help people grow and is dedicated to aligning a potential candidate’s talents to a role, not just focusing on their previous experience.

Erin Cramlet, Senior Director, Human Resources, Stryker South Pacific said, “Developing natural talents into strengths is part of the Stryker DNA. We want to hire people who will have long and successful careers with us, so we choose to invest the time to really get to know our potential candidates. When we find the right person, we help the candidate to identify their strengths and adapt roles to fit the individual. We harness our employees’ natural talents and build their skills through ongoing learning opportunities, so our people are empowered to do what they do best.”

Once onboarded, Stryker motivates its workforce by continuing to focus on the individual and offers personalised engagement and  development opportunities.

“People at Stryker are given a great deal of support and freedom to learn, grow and develop, but the onus is on the individual to make it happen. We encourage people to own their development and to drive change when they see opportunities to improve this,” said Cramlet.

Stryker’s approach to talent acquisition is unique and has been critical to Stryker’s strong growth and ongoing success. Stryker is determined to stay on this path of success and will continue to find ways to improve life at work for its employees, thinking beyond work perks and focusing on the day-to-day work experience.

“At Stryker, we challenge ourselves and each other to achieve more. We are aligned and ambitious, and every person in our organisation can connect their role to our bigger purpose: to make healthcare better for our customers and their patients.

“We believe that creating a great place to work hinges on making work meaningful and giving people a sense of belonging, trust and  elationship. We purposefully attract people who will genuinely feel rewarded by the work we do. We are proud to say, every person in our organisation, regardless of their role, can connect what they do to a bigger purpose,” continued Cramlet.

This is the 12th Annual Edition of the Best Places to Work benchmarking study in Australia. The success of the Best Places to Work Australia publication is a testament to Australian organisation’s willpower and innovation to retain happy, engaged, loyal, high performing workforces.
The study conducted is based on one of the world’s most comprehensive studies of workplace culture by Great Place to Work Australia.

“It is companies such as Stryker which will not only retain but also attract the most committed and engaged team members during this tight labour market period. Being named one of the Best Places to Work provides organisations with a fantastic opportunity to actively promote their hard work and success and further increase their exposure,” said Zrinka Lovrencic, MD of Great Place to Work Australia.

The 2019 Best Places to Work was published in a feature insert in the Australian Financial Review and www.greatplacetowork.com.au on Wednesday, 28 August, 2019.

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