Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health to Receive Boost in Funding

How it works:

The funding will be distributed between six projects with the aim of supporting practical and innovative research into the best approaches to prevention, early intervention, and treatment of health conditions of greatest concern to ageing Indigenous communities.

The projects are:

Researcher Application Title Administering Institution Budget
Associate Professor Kim Delbaere Standing Tall-with our Mob: A holistic approach towards active and healthy ageing. University of New South Wales $  990,165.20
Associate Professor Edward Strivens A framework for health ageing in the Torres Strait James Cook University $1,100,540.00
Professor David Currow Exploring Healthy Ageing amongst Aboriginal Australians through the window of cancer The Sax Institute $1,167,301.20
Professor Leon Flicker Defining and predicting Healthy Ageing in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Populations (HATS) University of Western Australia $  931,119.40
Professor Alex Brown Designing Indigenous aged care with a ‘whole of community’ perspective. University of South Australia $  741,947.30
Professor Robert Sanson-Fisher Improving implementation of Health Assessments for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients in mainstream practice: a cluster randomised controlled trial. The University of Newcastle $  745,056.50

Why it matters:

Currently Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have poorer health outcomes and higher rates of disability than non-Indigenous Australians of the same age.

They are also more likely to live with chronic and complex conditions that lead to a poorer quality of life and to die at a younger age.

Ask the Minister:

Greg Hunt, Minister for Health

“Our government has a long-standing and important commitment to achieving health equity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.”

“The Government’s strong economic management ensures the continued record investment of funding into vital health initiatives including mental health, life-saving medicines, Medicare and hospitals.”

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