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Breakthrough Link For Parkinson and MND Sufferers


Facts and figures:

Researchers chose 19 patients for the trial, who were assigned to three different dose cohorts throughout six, 28-day cycle periods. Those in the highest dose group, who took 72mg of CuATSM per day, reported vast improvements in quality of life and symptom severity.

A recent trial of 32 motor neurone disease patients also found CuATSM slowed the progression of the disease and improved cognitive and motor ability.

Ask the expert:

Neurologist Dr Andrew Evans from the Royal Melbourne Hospital:

“The impact has been that (patients) feel better, but also it gives them hope for the future that they are not going to decline in the same way that most patients will do.”

The details:

For more information about clinical trials at The Royal Melbourne Hospital visit www.thermh.org.au/research/clinical-trials


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