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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Kerrin Rennie was the Managing Director of ConvaTec, a member company of Medical Industry Association of Australia (now MTAA). She was an active and enthusiastic member of the Board and an advocate for greater involvement of women at senior levels in the industry. A trained nurse, Kerrin never lost sight of the central mission of our industry, that of caring for patients.  She was a passionate advocate for the contribution of medical technology in extending life and improving quality of life.  

In recognising the innovative and extraordinary contribution of medical technology in improving health outcomes for Australian patients, the Kerrin Rennie Award is a tribute to Kerrin’s life of service to this industry and to patients.  

Chief Executive Officer of the MTAA Ian Burgess indicated the product must demonstrate evidence of significant contribution to improving patient outcomes by enhancing quality of life, evidence of technical excellence and evidence of innovation.  

“Global advances in medical technology over the past 20 years have resulted in a 56% reduction in hospital stays, 25% decline in disability rates, 16% decline in annual mortality and increased life expectancy of approximately 3.2 years,” Mr Burgess said.  

Last year Medtronic’s Solitaire Platinum device was awarded the 11th Kerrin Rennie Award. The Solitaire Platinum restores the flow of blood to the brain by allowing the clot to be removed and withdrawing it from the body. 

In Australia, there are almost 1,000 cases of stroke each week. Approximately 22% of cases result in death, with two-thirds of survivors disabled. The financial costs of stroke in Australia are estimated at $5 billion per annum with productivity the largest cost component estimated at approximately $3 billion. 

In 2016 MediGroup EBI, Stracos 3D Rib Clip was the winner. The 3D Rib Clip, is a minimally invasive implant that is unique. Flexible to encourage ribs to remodel (heal long term) correctly, and rigid to ensure optimal short-term outcomes such as re-approximation and pain. Using the 3D Rib Clip has been shown to reduce hospital and ICU stay and is associated with reduced complications.  

Last year a record number of applications were received, a testament to the industry that is developing and providing the Australian healthcare system with innovative solutions for patients.  

“At the heart and soul of the medical devices industry are 17,700 dedicated professionals, committed to making a positive difference to patients’ lives through medical technology,” Mr Burgess said.  

“It’s inspiring to be part of the medical technology industry that every day is focused on improving the health and wellbeing of patients.”  

Applications for 2018 Kerrin Rennie Award are currently open, along with the Outstanding Achievement Award and the Women in MedTech Champion Award. 

PulseLine will report on those that make the finals. 

https://www.mtaaevents.org.au/medtech18/kerrin-rennie-award-2018/ [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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