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Private Health Insurer HBF is running a new advertising campaign for ZERO percent premium increases. The campaign was launched ahead of the October 1 health insurance premium hikes. HBF’s commitment to a ZERO increase in premiums puts it in stark contrast to other Corporate Health Insurers who are expected to raise their premiums during a time when Aussie families are still struggling. The Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) has claimed Corporate Health Insurers have raked in gross mega-COVID-profits of $1.03 billion during the pandemic at the same time as cutting the actual benefits customers are receiving by $600 million, over the last 12 months. MTAA has publicly called out Corporate Health Insurers, asking: “If HBF can cancel their premium increases, why can’t the rest of Corporate Health Insurers do the same?” MTAA is maintaining its call for the Private Health Insurance Industry to “put people before profits”.

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